“Top of the line, Best in it’s class, Fan-Fucking-Tastic” 
TOPSHIT is founded and run by Fransje Christiaans since 2012.
Her background as a stylist and art director helps her to combine the old and the new in a way that you will look like now with a vintage feel. Every vintage item is hand picked and carefully chosen with a great deal of passion & interest in fashion. She also selects by quality: leather, suede, lace, chiffon and silk are her favorite materials. And very sustainable.
TOPSHIT is a mix between bohemian chic and minimal classics, quirky versus stylish and always now. So what you get is a gander into a stylist’s closet: all top, all shit, and every item is unique.
From 2013 till 2014 Fransje owned her own shop in Amsterdam together with Jurjen Johan. They split up and both went their separate ways which now results in different selling points and shop in shops for TOPSHIT. Finally there is time left to do what she does best: out hunting for the best vintage everywhere & creating (fashion) shoots.
You can find TOPSHIT spread out in different stores & on events throughout the Netherlands.
There is no webshop (yet)
Look at ‘where to find us’ to see where we sell.
TOPSHIT is also available for styling or creating shoots for different brands. Email us for more information!
” Clothes don’t die. People do. So why buy new.”
Oh, and she loves taxidermy. Always has. Not on people of course. (but you knew that)

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